Chanel 2.55

I don’t buy branded clothes and shoes, but darn, when it comes to bags, wallets and watches!!

What I’ve set my eyes on this coming US trip (*crossing fingers that I do get to go, and that the price is right):

 Gorgeous:) I wouldn’t mind one in an emerald green shade. Just looking makes me happy haha


7 responses to “Chanel 2.55

  1. So pretty!! Let me know when u go keke, in case I wanna get anything…and hey, glad that you are sounding cheerier. MUAKS

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    U r awake! haha…thanks babe. And no probs, will let u noe:)

  3. wah how much will this cost? n why Chanel is cheaper in US meh?

  4. aserendipitiouslife

    i dunno! haha but usually in states for some brands, can be as low as half the price so i am hoping it will be the same haha…colleague who bought it in europe said about 3+ k but I nt sure if same exact one…

  5. chanel is cheaper in paris. haha. i didnt buy but some of the gals in the tour group did, and they said for some models it’s like $1000 cheaper.

  6. i heard chanel quite ex.. tink yar around that price….. nwae good choice! i oso like this….

  7. aserendipitiouslife

    @wee i should have asked u! hahah…
    @yan- yar actually must see final price..i wont pay if beyond hope lor..

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