On a separate note,

I was a little taken aback by this conversation between L and me.

L- recently married, my age, who carries a) a Bally wallet b) a LV bag c) a 1.02 carat ring- which is really quite-in-your-eyes bling d) a Tag Heur watch and who has on her princessy feet a pair of Ferragamo shoes. I guess it is ok for people at a desk-bound job to dress like that but at where I work, well-off or not, people dress like they are ready to rough-it-out. Expensive heels and bags don’t quite go with a job that could, on any day, demand that you trek  to somewhere gross to check out a dead body.

L: Hey, I have always thought you were married although you look young. You know, the kind who marry young.

Me: Really? Haha..why?

L (with a look which spells serious thought blended with a dose of disdain): Maybe cos’ you are always wearing this kind of shoes (fyi, my shoes are black- cos I don’t want to dirty them when I need to go to weird reservoirs for drowning incidences; cheap (less than $25)- cos they wear out after a couple of months thanks to the crazy amount of walking I’ve to do; come with kitten heels- see the previous reason).

Me: er….

Like wth?! Don’t know whether to feel amused or insulted @*#$*%


2 responses to “On a separate note,

  1. Just ignore her! Can’t stand this sort of people…!

  2. aserendipitiouslife


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