A 3-day break:)

Am reading last week’s 8 Days, so Felicia Chin is leaving too?  I know this is bitchy, but I’m glad to see her go. I’ve never liked her, even her choice of unwittingly leaking out this news during the awards irks me. On the whole, 红星大奖 was enjoyable.  Was great to see Zhu Houren, Guo Liang and the two Lees getting their awards cos’ it’s always nice to see people 苦尽甘来 =)

The best-dressed that night, in my opinion also MediaCorp’s prettiest, were Fann Wong, Jeanette Aw and Jesseca Liu.

Fann is a Grecian goddess with just the right dose of goth-edge. Jeanette’s look is Audrey Hepburn-ish, and while Jesseca’s get-up is bland, she looks sweet and pretty (it’s a loss for her to quit!) Weird also that 8 Days did not even mention her cos’ it is her last awards and she has never failed to get into the Top 10.

The rest were dressed weirdly, the men especially haha. Felicia Chin’s dressed for the beach, Joanne Peh’s part of the Addams family and Rui En’s  scary. The worst were Yvonne Lim (what was she thinking?!) and Cheryl Yang ( I still love you though).

Am ending with this, cos they look great together, and cos he’s so good-looking. I saw him at an event once, very cute heh:p


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