The 1st day of my last year of being in my 20s

The biggest surprise for my 29th: a bouquet of pink flowers from Shir! The bf was in cahoots with her- he took me out for dinner and insisted we get back by 830pm because he had a teleconference. I was stupid enough to fall for it. In fact, when the doorbell rang, I thought he ordered Macs haha. It was completely unexpected even though she’s one of my oldest and closest friends. In any case, the pretty flowers made me really, really happy. Thanks a lot babe=)

What else: He surprised me (yes, i’m easily surprised and he feigned sleep!) with five slices of my favourite cakes at the stroke of midnight. On the actual day, I went for a heavenly 5-hour spa session and was about to meet him for dinner when guess what, the office called. We had to cancel so I could go home to work. Wth. Today was great though- went shopping and met mum for dinner (total damage for 2 days: $90 for 2 dresses, $40 for a pair of heels, $150 for a Bonia bag- mum’s present, $500 for the spa, $80 for Mother’s Day dinner. Bought another dress using his sup. card but that, ahem, is my bdae present, that’s romance for me -_-)

Tomorrow marks the end of my too-short break. We got tickets to Animal Farm (i love, love George Orwell) and dinner is a belated bdae surprise:). Am hoping for quality time, something that we have not been doing for the past week. My hours are so erratic and he has been busy studying for his masters and working. I’m trying to be understanding, but that really isn’t my strongest suit…

My 29th, on the whole, was simple but sweet. I was disappointed by a friend (who also managed to make me feel bad the day before my bdae) but am truly grateful to all who remembered- those who called, who sent smses from midnight to throughout the day, who sent me e-cards, who wrote on my Fb wall, and who bothered to do something special. It’s just a birthday, but still feels great to know someone else remembers. Thank you very much:)

Last year of being in my 20s (and 6 years to being eligible for cougar-hood haha), I’m gonna make sure it’s well-spent.


2 responses to “The 1st day of my last year of being in my 20s

  1. Glad that u had a good break (except for having to go back to work haha)..what spa ah? Anyway, will pass u present when we mt up e week after next:)

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hey gal, went to sentosa spa…yup, am looking forward!=)

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