There’s just something about Olivia

 I became a fan after a former colleague gave me her CD. Two years ago, I also attended an event for which she was a special guest. Most of the people then didn’t know her, which worked out great for me because I got to stand right in front:p

Everything about Olivia Ong spells class, casual elegance and most of all, comfort. That night, she gave an excellent performance which can only be described as mesmerising. Her soothing voice conjures, I don’t know, images of sugar-coated candy floss, little ponies and pretty blue skies haha…

Some background: The 25-year-old was born, bred and discovered here before she left for Japan at the age of 15. She has a couple of albums under her belt and has been touted as Asia’s answer to Norah Jones. Of late, she has been appearing quite a bit as a 踢馆者 in 超級星光大道 6, and hearing how she is described as a Singaporean – well, that feels kinda good: )


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