Olivia Ong’s performances

Her beautiful rendition of Heaven in an episode of  超級星光大道 6.

In another episode: Carole King’s I Feel The Earth. Her voice is sweet and gentle, but still packs a punch. What she also possess is groove,  a natural sense of rhythm. The host and judges have described her as a “温柔的杀手, 杀人不见血”, and her voice as a ‘needle in a blanket’ haha.  I can’t help but dance along whenever I play this clip: )

And finally, her own song composed by Dick Lee. I love the song and the MV- it’s just like a whiff of fresh summer breeze, and she looks gorgeous.

Taking one step at a time, walking hand-in-hand, 1 2 3 4, cheek-to-cheek~


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