Nagomi @ Cuppage Plaza

The bf brought me to this restaurant as a birthday surprise- and it was so, so good. We didn’t choose any items from a menu, left it all to the chef to surprise us, and every single item was absolutely delicious.

Nagomi’s ambience is quiet and relaxing, and the boss (at least that’s who we think he is haha) is warm and friendly. Customers are mostly Japanese, another sign that the food is yummy. It’s a tad pricey- the overall bill came up to about $250++  but for a once-in-a-while splurge, especially for foodies like us, well-worth it:).

The appetiser was about the only thing i didn’t like- I loved the pickles, but innards? I didn’t realise what those brown things were until I put them in my mouth. So wanted to spit them out, but decided against it haha. I used the sake to wash it down- he doesn’t like sake, but I am a fan:) One plus point: we got to choose our own cups and i think it’s kinda cute!

The salad was awesome, and given my hatred for all things green, my praises count for a lot haha. Sashimi was extrememly fresh.

The oysters were his favourites, just the thought of it now makes me salivate. Fishcakes were tasty, albeit quite normal.

We had two whole pieces of fish before these two dishes came. Was too busy eating to take pictures- the fish dishes had just the right amount of crisp, taste and freshness. We thought there was a little too much fish served though. The beef (top pic) was to-die-for, the best dish of the night in my books and the porridge, well, tasted like home:)

The whole 2-hour feast ended with a dessert- some sort of a lemon sorbet which really cleared the palate. The two of us finished every single bit of all 11 dishes haha.

Am off today, nursing a runny nose, and even then, just thinking about those beef strips is making me hungry:p


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