Animal Farm!

We also caught Wild Rice’s Animal Farm on the bdae date, and the production confirmed my preferences when it comes to theatre- local ones (well-made ones of course) are still my favourites=).

First came across the George Orwell book as a literature text when I was in school, and I thought Ian Woolridge did a great job adapting the book- the important parts were kept while new elements were introduced to make things entertaining and relevant to Asia. Kudos to Ivan Heng for his directing as well. I was also very impressed by the cast- in particular the ones who portrayed Clover, Boxer and Benjamin respectively.  

All in all, an awesome production that was funny, tightly scripted, well-acted,  intelligent but never condescending. Even the Q-&-A session that followed was in the same vein- a person not familiar with theatre wouldn’t have been made to feel uncomfortable when asking the most fundamental of questions.

Read the recent news of NAC cutting funding to Wild Rice, and the only thing I have to say is: what a waste, and how strange, when we are supposed to encourage creativity in our midst. I am not familiar with their productions, but if Animal Farm- which does feature a fair amount (although definitely far from being excessive) of political commentary – is regarded as taboo, we, as a society, have a long way to go.


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