Warning: expletives ahead

Was so stressed out by work today, I actually drank only two glasses of barley for lunch.

I have given lunch a miss probably fewer than 10 times in my entire life, so today’s really not a very good one.

Not that anything major happened, just a clueless superior who plays favourites, likes to talk big and loves leaving us to clear his shit; an extremely competitive and gossipy environment; people who claim or truly think they are this way but who are actually that way; PR officers who don’t know i do not have all the time in the world to listen to their long-drawn terrible pitches (c’mon, do some homework on your part, don’t be fucking lazy and most of all, be grateful if we even mention your client cos’ god damn it, if you really want publicity, pay out of your deep pockets and get a freaking advertisement) and last but not least, cab drivers who are somehow so thick in the head that they can’t get that grunting is really, contrary to their delusion, not a sign of interest.

Man, finally, the weekend is here. Holy crap.


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