The last.

At least I hope:)

Work has been taking a toll on me lately- not just the daily grind, but of relationships. I think the job brings out the worst in people. I’d found myself going down the slippery slope last December, promptly took a break, and came back deciding that getting ahead is not worth feeling bad about myself (ok I am far from being a saint, but I would like to think I’m fair, direct and aboveboard).

This past week has been a test and yet another proof of my naivety. Someone who apparently seems a friend, is well, trying to push me out of the game. I am now in three minds: ignore it and just go on with life but with a far more conscious mind; confront her; play the game and drive her out first (which I can, I guess,  if I really want to, it just takes a lot of effort).

Whatever my final decision is, this will be the last of posts (at least for some time) where I gripe about work cos’ man, if I am going to be there for at least one more year, let’s get down to solving problems.

I am full of determination *repeat to delude encourage myself 100000x


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