The week has been kinda slow and I’ve mixed feelings. When things are hectic, hours are long, and you can hardly breathe. When the days are like the week which just passed – slow and leisurely -, you start worrying about losing your place.

But having perspective (which came all of a sudden, during mid-week haha) have calmed me down a fair bit. When I think about how the biggest things I’ve to worry about all revolve around how to continue doing well at work (and I am doing alright I guess), I realise how I really don’t have any genuine problems, at least for the time being, and how fortunate I indeed am=)

Sometimes, it all boils down to finding little things to be grateful about. For this week, I am thankful for:

– a good foot reflexology session with the mother (it hurts, but hurts so good…!)

– having some unexpected stories

– the time to have a peaceful dinner with the bf (who is so busy with work and studies I hardly saw him this week)

– my old friend who always picks up my nonsensical calls at odd hours…to talk about his..dog haha

– J, who was really bogged down by all his work, and yet still bothered

– And an unexpected friend in D who bought me dinner and my favourite packet of sweets when I worked until midnight.

This picture, for no particular reason at all. Just makes me happy and serves as a reminder that for the weekend, let’s stop and smell the flowers:)


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