Tired out

Have been going through so much lately that I am drained.

The smaller problem has been settled- there isn’t anything much I can do anyway, given how I am in no position to act/and how I have screwed things up. Only time will be the real healer, and what’s meant to be, will be. I know I am filled with good intentions and faith now, at the very least. One lesson learnt: decency is always the  best policy=).

The bigger problem – well, will keep an open mind and work at it. Again, time will tell…no point beating myself up over things cos’ like it or not, life goes on. Gotta keep bigger goals in mind and not get distracted.

Watched a couple of flicks lately- SATC 2 (strictly for the fans only, I am one, so it was pretty tolerable. I still love the strong friendship and sense of camaraderie), Toy Story 3 (not as wow as some reviews suggest but certainly sweet) and A Brand New Life (which I strongly suggest everyone catch for the beautiful story, acting and directing. Warning: it is depressing and erms, a bit slow at certain junctures).

Now, just five more work days before my leave begins. WORK!!!!


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