We are both up

watching Spain vs Germany!

And honestly, World Cup is the only football I would watch, simply cos’ of the cute players involved haha.

I really can’t quite appreciate the game, and according to him, if I would to become a commentator, my commentary would be along the lines of:

Oh, look at Podolski, he is so cute! You do Germany proud!

Sergio Ramos looks like a studly Fabio!

And David Villa, love your hair! Hearts!

Where on earth is Torres?? Sliva?? Ei Manager, send the cuties out!

Iniesta, if i were you, i might feel a wee bit inferior. Not that you are ugly for sure, but the rest of your team. Wow.

I want to marry a Spanish and then name my offspring David:)

Btw: I have $100 at stake. Aw!


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