it’s cos my mum used to leave me a lot in the library when i was a little girl.

it’s cos they offer an escape out of a less-than-secure childhood

it’s cos they are just what I could afford

Whatever it is, nothing in the world- not the best food, film, piece of music, luxury item – can replace the joy i get out of a truly beautiful book.

11 days in the States, and three books read. Reviews another time.

Burnt a huge hole in the pocket, more about that later as well.

One more week of bumming around in Singapore before heading back to the daily grind=)


3 responses to “Maybe

  1. u r back!! hope u had lots of fun! post pix soooonn=))))

  2. coach!! kate spade!! cheap!! hahaha

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    @yx: i did! yeap will do it hopefully soon:)
    @ron: you wouldn’t believe amt i spent.

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