5.15pm, Budget Terminal Singapore

Am feeling a wee bit worried, a little uneasy, but most of all, blessed=)

I’m on my way to Phuket- four days to be exact- and this marks my very first trip overseas on my own=). I’ve taken the plane on my own before, of course…but to be completely alone for a couple of days, in a foreign land, with no loved ones/family/friends/colleagues by my side, that’s a first…

Some wonder why I have to do this. I don’t really have an explanation, save I feel like it, I wanna do it, and on impulse, I booked tickets and accomodation last week. Count it as one of the things I want to achieve before I turn 30, and if this trip goes well, maybe, just maybe I will go on a longer journey.

Now…back to my feelings:p I’m feeling worried cos my favourite travel partner is not by my side, and without him reminding me what to do/bring (i’m terribly blur), I just don’t feel all that safe. Uneasy cos’ I have nagging things left unsettled – and i want so, so badly to know if  it is being resumed, and if my absence will affect anything at all (probably not, but hope never ever kills? haha).

But mostly blessed=)

For the ability, and for the availability – leave, rooms, flight seats – so I can do this at a whim.

For reaching the airport in time and for checking in smoothly – being me, everything was a mad rush an hour ago!

For the budget terminal – surprisingly much more well-equipped compared to many other international airport terminals. I didn’t notice all that when I went to Krabi last year- guess some things are really clearer when you are alone haha…

And more importantly, for feeling more or less…peaceful and happy=)


3 responses to “5.15pm, Budget Terminal Singapore

  1. enjoy the trip babe, and take care of urself when u’re alone, dun talk to strangers k, lol, but really, enjoy urself 🙂

  2. BABE! Have fun ok? and be safe:) Updates!!

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    @shir- thanks babe:) Cant wait to catch up again. Pls take care meanwhile!!
    @yx- i will! there is wireless internet at my resort!!

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