Throwing caution to the wind

I hate sitting out in the sun, simply cos’ i am big on being a fair-skinned Asian beauty haha. But this morning, as I was having my bacon-ham omelette, the alluring sea breeze, the gently swaying coconut trees and the promises of wind-in-my-hair and salt-in-my-breath proved so tempting, I asked, yes i actually asked to sit in the sun, just so I can get closer to that expanse of big, blue sea. Just shows the kind of discipline and self-control I have. I can set all the rules I want, but I break them when I want to. Sighs.

On a frivolous note, I spent a long time just staring at the huge coconut trees, hypnotised by their rhythmic left-right movement against the backdrop of rather soft sunrays. There was a moment of epiphany- ah, that’s exactly what the phrase “gently swaying” means- it is the same kind of high I got when i experienced my first heartbreak and went “ah, that’s the meaning of an ache in the heart. It is an ache, literally.”, and the same kind of enlightenment I obtained when I saw Julia Roberts grin and realised that descriptions such as “sparkling doe eyes” and “megawatt smile” most often found in Sweet Valley books (now you know what I grew up reading) actually existed in reality.

It is funny how the human brain works, mine included. I am in the land of Peace and Godliness, and my moment of truth? “Gently swaying”. -_-. How…deep.


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