This is draining

And yeah, no guesses that it is all about my job.

The past two weeks saw me producing like no one’s business, which in other words, also meant I put in 12-13 hours of work on a daily basis.

Today, I left work at 6.15 pm. It felt surreal. When I stepped out, I was actually lost. Just what am I going to do for the rest of the night if I am not rushing out 1,000 words?

This…is not healthy.


2 responses to “This is draining

  1. hey cous!

    aww.. *hugs* hope u feel better soon. hope u find what you need to keep u sane. rest well yea. and have a gd weekend:).

    hui lin

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    thanks sweet!!:)

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