Highlights Part 1

Presenting…the takeaways of my own mini eat-pray-love journey! Yeah, i read the book and I must admit I was wee bit inspired by Gilbert’s experience. A quick mention of the book: has some wonderful quotes, some delightful parts, you get envious reading the book cos very few people would have the means to travel for a year to three different countries so I guess you do get to live vicariously…but she is terribly self-indulgent, clearly depressed at some points, and comes across rather self-absorbed (there were some parts I just had to skim through because it is just one woman and her brain going on…and on..and on). Am definitely going to catch the film though- i love Julia Roberts and there’s Javier Bardem (yes that menacing thing from No Country for Old Men).

1) Books

When you are alone in a land where people really don’t speak much English, books will become your best friend.  The resort’s library is well-stocked on the classics and I’ve Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Have always loved him- his writing is simple, fluid and yet so full-of-life. The Great Gatsby is easy to read, charming and altogether tragic. My favourite scene has got to be when Gatsby and Daisy meet again, after years of being apart. Beautifully written. Loves=)

2) Food

I know I should be eating Thai food but there are so many italian restaurants, I can’t help it! Italian food is MY WEAKNESS. It is a tad weird dining on my own but after a while, i was like heck it, Lao Niang is hungry haha. Waitresses say I look Thai and always look mildly stupefied when they realise I can only gesture and speak in English. The picture (top right) is courtesy of room service- I ate outside my “villa”, on my own patio, in the clear moonlight, only accompanied by soft traditional Thai music (the resort has a live performance every night) and er, mosquitoes. Great pasta, even better ambience. Two meals a day only, because of the free Continental breakfast every morning. I love omelettes- cheese, ham, mushroom! Basically, it is just eat-until-grow-fat-and-drunk (given my penchance for red wine, i had one glass every night! haha).

3) The temple and the former monk

I don’t quite know how to describe my religious inclinations. I believe in God…the idea of life after death, angels, hell, heaven, karma…and I kinda think all religions are there to provide different people with different routes to God. I love temples though- no idea why, but they always calm me and so, I got a cabbie to take me to the nearest one:). Also had a random one plus two hours conversation with a former monk- he went through poverty, studied hard, got married and gained material success as an engineer, only to realise that happiness still evaded him. He spent 15 years as a monk and now, he is a preacher of sorts. He said many things but what really stuck was him saying how I am too much of a perfectionist, how my happiness is too dependent on external factors and how I needed a home to rest my mind. Food for thought i guess=)


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