Highlights Part 2

4) Phuket Town, Patong Beach, Kalim Bay and  the streets of Phuket: weather was by turns, warm and sunny, and then cold, wet and gloomy. Visited the major shopping malls- Jung Ceylon and Phuket Central Festival…didn’t do much shopping beyond lingerie though. Just wasn’t in the mood to shop. I love the feel of Patong, except that it gets seedy at night. It was also Ramadan and the celebration of the Queen’s birthday, so there was a joyous mood  in the little town of Phuket- which is around the same size as our little red dot:).

5) The Driver and the Yogi

The cabbie i met on my first day and who subsequently brought me around Phuket the next three days. I learnt several Thai phrases from him- and at the end of my trip, he gave me a 50 per cent discount cos’ i mastered those phrases to perfection! haha…he brought me to see his fellow drivers and erm…his elderly mother. He also asked for my phone number so he can “continue my Thai lessons and send a Thai phrase to me every day”. The lady on the right: Pan, whom I did yoga with daily. She said my name, terribly unusual in my own homeland, sounds a lot like heaven in Thai=).


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