Highlights Part 3

Just the stunning scenery and the lovely resort. Mother nature is indeed the best medicine for frazzled souls. All the green and blue, coupled with the slow pace of life and a very congenial Thai culture (which I must say I like!) made me feel sublime. 

Throughout the whole four days, I only felt scared…when I was strolling along Patong at night (simply cos’ there were so many drunkards) and when I took a cab back (man, the routes were long, winding and completely dark. I kept thinking if anything was to happen to me, my body would be in no man’s land. Yeah, my imagination in overdrive as usual). I was also a bit embarassed because by the second day, people at the resort started referring to me as the “lone traveller from Singapore”. Everyone else came as a pair (husband/wife, bf/gf, bf/bf).

I think i will do it again though. For a person who is terrified of being alone, and who hasn’t ever eaten in a restaurant, or watched a movie alone, having just myself for company for a couple of days..was strangely liberating. I also kept a diary and penning down all my thoughts- good and bad- cleared my mind a fair bit. The good mood lasted about two days after returning here though haha.


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