Off today=)

I’ve been so busy and tired, I really am not in much of a mood to blog…

Have been fine- nothing big has happened (er..I spent over $100 buying dresses from a blogshop in what’s my first online shopping attempt and I broke my glasses? haha), and I’m in a pretty good mood today because of my own self-created long weekend: ))

Just finished doing some basic housework and i’m now going to get ready to head off to a yummy place for dinner. Reviews later, if I am up to it!

Once again, jolly weekend, people!

was drinking at Ohm with EG, and we both snapped pix of this wall.  We didn’t realise we had the same picture until much later. Sometimes, we talk about it- in many ways, we are extremely similar, there are so many telepathic moments, we love the same books, we both think way too much for our good, but firm friends for 12 years, and nary a single spark. We can even say “Love ya” without even blinking an eye. So there…proof that platonic friendship exists:p. I still think such relationships are an exception though!


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