Tippling Club, Angelo’s Restaurant & whatever else

No prizes for guessing…that i’m off work! Lol..have been off for four days actually, and the thought of having to work tomorrow? Sucks big time! haha

Just a quick sharing:

a) Tipling Club @ Dempsey for his 29th birthday (Happy birthday sweets!!)

Ambience: Reminds me of a very up-market sushi bar for some reason. Not too bad, i was expecting it to be pretentious (and yes, we did see expats and very old rich-looking men with young hot women) but it was quite cosy. Possibly cos’ the man knows one of the chefs, so he came out to chat with us often. Just dress nicely. I was a wee bit under-dressed.

Food presentation: There is only one word to describe this: Innovative. I don’t want to go into details but one dish involved me sipping soup from one end of a plastic tube-like device, which contained the very yummy soup. Tippling is known (at least according to online reviews) for novel presentation of food, and I would say I completely concur with that opinion=).

Food quality: On the whole, excellent. The innovation in food presentation extends to the food preparation as well- very unique combination of ingredients which resulted in surprisingly tasty dishes. The charred pepper with wasabi, the omelette oyster, the coffee-cured salmon with apple slices/sorbet/chops, the foie gras with strawberries/strawberry everything (and i tell you, i HATE foie gras, and i ate every single bit of this dish), the scallops, the homemade tofu, the wagyu beef- man, i was pretty wowed. I’m not impressed by the desserts though.

Value-for-money: Ok, the restaurant serves two degustation menus. Each menu comes with a choice of cocktail pairing (i.e. every dish comes with a cocktail). We had both menus (without the cocktail pairing) and the grand total came up to $500. It was his birthday, it was really quite an experience for us, and his friend gave us free champers and many extra dishes- so on the whole, i would say it was worth it. I wouldn’t mind going there for really special occasions, but on a normal monthly basis- the tab is erms…not for me. Haha. It is pricey lar- we ate at the Michelin-star Providence in Los Angeles (also 8,9 courses complete with alcohol) and the amount we paid is the same….

b) Angelo’s Restaurant at Killiney Road

Went there with mich. Just don’t bother. I was expecting good food but we were sorely disappointed. I am never going back again. The service sucks (so many waiters and yet they got orders wrong twice. Food came late too), the food is terrible (i think it is the worst Italian food I’ve had so far), and although the pricing is typical (20-odd for pasta, 20-odd for some of the appetisers), I really didn’t think it is worth the money. I love pasta and yet I can’t even finish half of what was served. I am not alone in my opinion: http://smallpotatoesmakethesteaklookbigger.blogspot.com/2010/11/angelos-killiney-road.html

One conclusion: a good chef can just about make me eat anything, even stuff that i normally can’t bear and a bad one? Just takes the joy out of my night.

Ok…now i just need time to download/upload pictures from the US trip…on my next break!!!


One response to “Tippling Club, Angelo’s Restaurant & whatever else

  1. this place left us a very bad experience. 4 of us went to his place for dinner and were prepared to splurge. But upon seeing the menu, there are no a la carte, only four types of courses/ sets. since nobody filled in the pricing. let me fill it up for u guys. Five courses is 145++ which consists mainly of greens and no drinks, 240++ with pairing meaning each course comes with its specialized drinks. another set is 230++ which consist of 9 courses with no pairing, 380++ with pairing. And be warned that this is only for 1 person. We order 2 sets of 145++ and 1 set of 230++, we requested to share the 230++ because it was 8 courses and dont think 1 person can finish it all. But they do not respect us and insisted that it was not allowed. I thought dining experiences are supposed to cater to customer’s needs? Plus we are there to try the food and not crawling in with starvation. We ended it by just walking out of the place. They could have easily earned $700 out of 4 people but they chose not to earn any by turning down a simple request to simply share 1 set. I will not return again

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