Too…busy and tired.

I can’t believe that this is the last month of Dec…and almost exactly 5 months to my 30th. Woots:)

Today was a good day- went with the former PR colleagues for a ‘religious tour’, had a wonderful dinner with them at a new Italian restaurant in the east- great place, great ambience, fantastic food and very reasonably priced. Another plus: Good house wine. Yummy=)) Would love to share the name of the restaurant but Jo made me promised not to…cos it is her own best-kept secret. Whatever it is, I’ll be back.

Watching America’s Next Top Model 15 now. Really strange and somewhat touching that even the most gorgeous of women have their own insecurities.  Just finished doing some housework and am gonna settle some bills etc before the guy returns home from his wedding dinner.

One last thing- I’m way too lazy to write a review but Confessions (that Jap flick) is a must, must watch. I haven’t watched many movies this year, and I think this honestly ranks amongst the top. It is, on the surface, a psychological thriller (and a pretty adequate one at that) but it is really a hell of a social commentary. Excellent acting, interesting filmography, wonderful pacing. It is moving, scary, realistic, and hit home all the more for me because I am a product of a dysfunctional family, and I have, in my teaching experience, seen so much of what I could have been. All that heavy stuff without losing a certain sense of ironic humour.

Alrite, time to settle bills- that’s one of the worst parts of adulthood!! Argh.


2 responses to “Too…busy and tired.

  1. hey sw, where to watch Confessions online? having trouble finding the full movie!

    hui lin

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    yo babe, i watched it in theatres lehh! dunno how you can find..but i think it shd be out on dvd soon?

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