Happy New Year:)

This year is just over too quickly. Maybe it is global warming. Maybe it is the sign of the times. Maybe apocalypse is drawing near. Ok, i am starting the year on too morose a note:p

My usual recap/list of the year shall be kept really short- again, maybe it is cos’ i am embarking on the fourth decade of my existence, maybe it is cos’ i am doing too much writing for a living – but i just don’t feel it.

The bests of 2010:

Film: Confessions (Not a film, but i really liked Wild Rice’s Animal Farm)

Song: Love the way you lie

Album: Karen Mok’s Baby Bao Bei

Book: Norwegian Wood

Restaurant: Providence, Los Angeles, and Nagomi, Cuppage Plaza

Most disappointing restaurant: Angelo’s Restaurant at Killiney Road, Mussel Guys at Vivocity.

Most significant experiences: A home of my own and living out on my own! Los Angeles and Las Vegas!! My first solo trip to Phuket!! Visiting thai pubs!!

2010- The last year of the decade and for me, it really passed in a messy whirl. I can’t say I hated the year because there were milestones, some valuable lessons and some genuine joy, but on the whole, a good part of the year was spent in bewilderment (both at myself and others), regret, fear, obsession, anticipation, disappointment, and pain.

My defining words for the year: messy, fast. Looking at my astrology for the year ahead scares me. They all say the same thing- the stable Taurean (and i am as Taurean as a Taurean can get) has already embarked on uncertainty and that is something that is likely to mark 2011 as well.

I feel tired already, a wee bit excited but mostly…tired. The last day of 2010 was spent in good company, with the jc peeps, at z’s rooftop- where we have been hanging out since we were mere kiddies in that ugly green uniform. With love, laughter, games, food and alcohol, and with plenty of discussion on hitting our dreaded 3-0 🙂

Here’s really to a better, more enlightened 2011. Cheers.


3 responses to “Happy New Year:)

  1. Hey babe, dun worry about having negative emotions- all these come and go…whatever it is, hope u have a wonderful year ahead:)))))

  2. Happy new year too! 13 days into the new year…and i’m hoping the year ahead will not disappoint too!!!

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    Thanks=)!! We will make 2011 rock:p

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