A slew of good movies=))))

First up, Black Swan starring the always-poised Natalie Portman and the sizzling hot Mila Kunis. Very interesting, intensive and beautiful cinematography, excellent acting, a strong plot – albeit one which is rather discomfitting – and basically just a film which captures a person’s attention from beginning to end.

The Town- Gritty, and i hearts Ben Affleck. Gritty, tragic, but humourous, all at the same time. Wonder why the Academy didn’t like it.

The Social Network- yes, i know i caught it late and on DVD, but what the heck. Great film- fantastic dialogue, looks like it is about the finding of FB but really is more about human nature and betrayal. And last but not least, Hereafter in the movies- loved Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino and while I didn’t like Hereafter that much..it was still way above average.

I’m just too tired to write proper reviews anymore- this is what happens when you make your interest your income source. Wtf. Whatever, these films make me happy=))))


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