I started my weekend (i.e. Fri night) doing household chores- changing the bedsheets and towels, cleaning the toilets, doing the laundry, wiping the dust off all surfaces. Mopping and vacuuming, thank god, are not my duties.

Housework is an onerous undertaking- it’s time-consuming (from 7 to 10pm!) and gives me aching joints. The only perk: the satisfaction of a squeaky-clean home, fresh sheets and gleaming glass surfaces.

What’s gonna be for the rest of the day: head to the gym (I’m trekking in 3 months’ time and I need to get fit fast), go for a manicure (either french or a shocking pink to go with my toes), dinner, a movie marathon, and hopefully, a glass of red wine.

Here’s to the weekend=))!


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