Hello Stranger

It has been a year since I last blogged.

Time flies so fast that it is scary sometimes.

Lots of things have happened in 2011- like the year before, it was, for the lack of a better description, an experience.

For better or for worse, I have grown.

I sold my home, and bought a new studio apartment.

I started renting a place to live on my own (my new place will hopefully be ready very soon)

I quit my job, a job that I have been passionate about for 3 years (simply because management changed and i really don’t want to work under a collective bunch of bimbos and manipulative bitches), joined another company for a month and quit because I realised entertainment wasn’t quite my interest.

Many years on after Mount Ophir, I completed Mt Kinabalu with a bunch of friends I have known more than half my life.

A few years on after my first half-marathon, I did my second. Slower timing, but I completed it=). I also did it for the first time with someone different.

I went on my first two work-trips ever: 2 weeks in London (woo hoo!) and a day in…Batam haha.

Also had two short but relaxing getaways in Hong Kong and Bali.

My father passed away.

2012 has so far, in comparison to two preceding years, been stable.

I found a job which I like reasonably, with people who are reasonably nice, which is a fantastic location, and which offers a reasonable pay and benefits package. At age 20, when I was in debt thanks to study loans, I chose to embark on a job which provides me with a high starting pay (didn’t regret it- I enjoyed my 3+ years immensely, paid up all my loans and saved enough). At age 27, I decided to pursue my interest- in a job which is so tough, I think nothing really fazes anymore.Contrary to expectations that I would not last a year, I did, and then some more:). Now..turning 31, I have found a job which I think I can retire in. *Cross fingers that there will be no terrible changes to management etc.

Emotionally, I feel at-peace.

Here’s to 2012 and I hope I blog more often.


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