20 things to be grateful for this Christmas :)

1) Christmas started early. Despite being ill, I dragged myself to my company’s X’mas lunch held at The Capella. Food was mediocre but work ended early at noon, I really liked the tranquil view outside the window and the festive atmosphere certainly was infectious.

2) I survived the mrt ride home with a drippy nose, managed to rest, and by night, was well enough to do my laundry and housechores for the year.

3) Thanks to the medication, I concussed and fell into a deep sleep until 1.40pm on Saturday- days like these get rarer as you grow older and busier.

4) The pedi/mani session went very smoothly- service was quick, the air-con wasn’t too strong so my nose didn’t get worse, and I chose the right colours- i.e. the colour on the palette looked the same as what eventually went on my nails.

5) Despite being under the weather, I managed to get a X’mas gift for the bf :). Was also non the worse for wear after surviving the X’mas last-minute shopping crowd.

6) And thanks to my mum, I could lie on the sofa and rest while I erms supervise the wrapping of all the presents- for colleagues, family and the bf. Haha!

7) Thanks to medication, I slept until after-noon once more and woke up feeling refreshed and much, much better, just in time for X’mas activities!

8) The bf came and ate bee hoon cooked by my mum- she has off-on days when it comes to her cooking and this time round, the bee hoon was definitely not too bad at all! It was a first for the bf :p.

9) We watched the finale of Homeland II. I wasn’t too impressed. Still think the first season is far superior. Still, we finished it.

10) We went to his mentor’s place for our first X’mas feast of the year. It was my first time meeting such a big group of his friends too. Food was delightful, wine was awesome (even though I can’t really drink since I haven’t fully recovered) and the company pleasant.

11) Discovered a new cafe (pretty far-flung location, surprisingly crowded but the food is quite yummy) with M. Also been a long time since we had a girls’ lunch outing- great chat and she passed me the very mouth-watering tarts I had asked her to buy on her holidays.

12) I got a seat on the mrt train while travelling to my aunt’s place for X’mas eve dinner.

13) Home-cooked food and drink, plenty of chatter for the annual family X’mas dinner and everyone looked well and happy.

14) Met the bf for a mid-night show. Was ages since I had gone for one but I felt very alert. Movie- Les Mis- was much, much, much better than my expectations. I cried so much and I love Anne Hathaway. What a luminous screen presence, what a soulful voice and what a perfect Fantine.

15) We exchanged gifts on X’mas Day. The bf liked my gift 🙂

16) I got a perfect gift from him :))

17) Also discovered that my aunt gave me an angbao worth 3 cab fares hee- a lot for my age.

18) The bf and I spent more quality time together

19) We had salted yolk crabs, chicken and man tou for dinner to end off Christmas. His treat.

20) He sent me home and I washed up by 1015pm comfortably. Have a couple of hours to just chill and watch my DVDs peacefully before the work week starts=)

Merry X’mas 2012!


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