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What I’m watching right now

When I was writing for a living, i found writing on the blog tedious. Now I am no longer doing so, blog-writing seems rather therapeutic!:)

Clicked on my stats today, and i am a little taken aback. Thanks to all my blog posts on entertainment, i seem to have a surprisingly steady stream of daily readers (and one very free person who chalked up 432 views May 2012. Either I write very well (thanks!), he/she is very bored (hope my blog entertained you) or he/she is a stalker (highly unlikely lah) haha..

Just a quick post today- currently i am watchng TVB drama Inbound Troubles (me and B have each rented a TVB serial so that we can brush up our Canto before our HK trip) and Korean drama You are the Best Lee Soon Shin.

Am enjoying both dramas very much and i hope to find time to blog about these in greater depth. Meanwhile, if any one is bored and looking for good quality HK/Korean drama, please please go for these two.

Have a great Saturday people!