Food @ Siglap

Love the Siglap/Upper East Coast stretch. Week after week, we run there (2.4km or so), walk there (a good 20 minutes), take Bus 12 (which brings us there quickly, the frequency of said bus is another matter altogether), simply hop onto a cab (Cab, non-peak: 4 dollars) or drive there for supper when hx has the car. We have visited almost all the eateries along the stretch, and are there so often, the waiters recognize us and give us our favourite seats=p.

A round-up of my fav!

1) Yong tau hoo coffee shop- highly recommended. Think deep-fried crispy yong tau hoo covered with thick tasty gravy with a generous dose of minced pork. Sinful, yes. Harsh on the throat, yes. Yummy, yesssss.

2) Claypot rice coffee shop- Claypot rice, traditional style. The chicken is tender, the sausage savoury without being too salty. I like the rice, which is just that little bit charred. Nice, but a tad expensive. Not really value-for-$$ lah.

3) Coffee Club Express: Waiters tend to stand around at the counter, never failing to ignore frustrated customers. That said, the service when you actually get their attention, is good. Michelle is our fav waitress=). Must-orders: Garlic Prawn Pasta (rich, appetizing, lotsa prawn/garlic/herbs/chilli to give oomph), lavender-peppermint tea (the lovely cookie!) and the heavenly Mud Pie.

4) 24 Hours HK Cafe. Please skip their dinner menu. Nothing works. BUT eat their bread: Peanut Butter French Toast,  Kaya and Butter Toast..their bread is soft, fluffy and exudes a sweet taste all on its own. Yakun, i tell you, has nothing on their bread man! I so lurve their Nai-cha as well, with less sugar please=) The fragrant and crunchy Man Tou with their sumptuous curry.  Service is prompt, and they are always playing Jay Chou songs and old Mando/Cantopop=)

5) Haagen-Dazs for their fondue, Gelares for the cookies and cream ice-cream.

6) Zuko- a neglected and underrated restaurant. Serves spaghetti and wine, which is for the price, reasonably yummy.

7) The place that previously sold Shepherd’s Pie has now become a cafe. The pie is delicious: think a hearty good mixture of smooth mashed potato, cheese and ground beef.

8) My personal favourite Chef Heng=) Most people would give this seemingly plain and boring restaurant a miss. A little part of me wishes to keep this secret so that i can continue to soak in this quiet atmosphere..but since the lady boss complains that not many pple know about the restaurant, i shall do my little part. Go nowhere else if you like porridge and chinese home-cooked fare. Try the steamed fish, the amazingly crispy luncheon meat, the smooth fragrant porridge and their specialities: their zhao pai tofu and the beef spring roll. Everything about this place…from the service to the surroundings to the food oozes warmth and sincerity.

9) Pasta Fresca: nice aglio olio, mellow red wine. Aglio olio style pasta with a good glass of Shiraz. Arrggghhh…

10) Megumi Japanese Restaurant- expensive, a little stuffy, staff can be haughty, the crowd is made up of wealthy families, businessmen, tai-tais. But the food is worth the price. Definitely.

If you are wondering why i am wasting time on this entry, it is because i am famished and i am waiting for the BF to bring me out for lunch. Yes, lunch! Bloody Hell! 3pm and i’m still waiting for lunch!


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