Best K-Drama ever: I Hear Your Voice

I resisted I Hear Your Voice as long as I could.

While I find Lee Bo Young gorgeous, I am not familiar with her dramas. The lead actor Lee Jong-Suk was a virtual unknown to me, and nope, I did not find him cute from pictures. I found a couple of supporting actors familiar, and that was that. Nothing from the cast screamed “Must-watch!”

The plot, as far as I could tell, was ridiculous. A high school student in love with a noona (read: older sister) ten years his senior? He can hear thoughts in people’s heads? Wth.

And just to give context: I have finished fewer than five K-series cos’ my general take of Korean dramas can be described by choice words such as “melodramatic”, “slow”, “boring”, and of course, “ridiculous”.

With that, I am going to come right out and say that I Hear Your Voice is the best K-drama I have seen, not this year, but in so far. I was hooked, watched all 18 episodes, and I am now overwhelmed by an urge to get the original DVDs.

I am now so glad that my boredom drove me to just heck-it and start on the series after doing some research (thank you dramabeans) and reading rave reviews. I was prepared to give up after half an episode, but it turned out that I have never enjoyed any other K-drama quite as much.

In a nutshell, adapted from Wikipedia:

The series blends courtroom drama and romantic comedy with elements of fantasy. Jang Hye-sung (Lee Bo Young) is a public defender who is self-preserving and jaded. Her life changes when she encounters Park Soo-ha (Lee Jong-Suk) a high school boy with the ability to read other people’s thoughts by looking into their eyes, and cop-turned-lawyer Cha Gwan-woo (Yoon Sang-hyun) who is cheerful and idealistic. Soo-ha gained his mind-reading ability after witnessing his father getting murdered ten years ago. His father’s death had initially been dismissed as a car accident until Hye-sung, then a high school girl gave  testimony in court despite the killer’s threats. As Hye-sung works with Soo-ha and Gwan-woo, she gradually lets go of her pursuit of money and glory. Together, this unlikely team use unconventional methods on their cases, proving that while sometimes justice is blind to a fault, she can still hear your voice.

Ending off with a lovely picture of the main characters. Will blog more when the mood hits me!

From left: Lee Da Hee as prosecutor Seo Do Yeon (frenemy of Lee Bo Young's character), Yoon Sang Hyun as Lawyer Cha, Lee Bo Young as Hye Sung and Lee Jong-suk as Park Soo Ha

From left: Lee Da Hee as prosecutor Seo Do Yeon (frenemy of Lee Bo Young’s character), Yoon Sang Hyun as Lawyer Cha, Lee Bo Young as Hye Sung and Lee Jong-suk as Park Soo Ha


Feeling determined

Lately, I have been feeling very determined.

To you, all I can say is criticism and snarky remarks just strengthen my resolve, and when my resolve is at its full strength, few can come close. At least that’s what I choose to believe. Ha.

To you, all I can say is…I will treat you as a teacher. Surviving you will make me a better person.

To you, and you, thanks for being such positive inspirations:) I will strive to equal you=))

And to you, thanks for making me feel a bit more motivated to put in more effort (though you are probably unaware of it haha).

And to you, for some reason, you have haunted my thoughts for almost two years now. On, off, on and off. I am determined to shake you off, and to be better, happier in all ways.

Now, with all these proclamations, all I need is to er get my determination to its fullest levels. Easier said than done!

You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin

I have written about my love-hate relationship with Korean dramas  I have watched almost all the popular ones, right from Autumm of the Heart days, and  I have only completed three? four? series.In other words, despite the many, many random episodes of the many, many korean dramas I have been forced to watch (my mother refuses to change channels), the number I actually enjoyed can be counted with the fingers on one hand. Other previous K-drama posts: my lovely kim sam soon and hana yori dango

My latest favourite: You are the Best, Lee Soon Shin. I have watched 14 episodes  (think there are  50 in all), and I love, love, love it!

I am not going into details about the plot  but for basic information, just wiki. Dramabeans does great episode recaps, but there are spoilers so if you are concerned, watch the episode first :).

Why I am loving this series

1) Lee Yoo Shin (Yoo In Na) and Park Chan Woo (Go Joo Won)- they are the supporting couple- Yoo Shin is the older sister of lead character Soon Shin (IU) and Chan Woo is their neighbour/object of Soon Shin’s (predictably initial) affections.

Go Joo Won is gorgeous- 1.83m tall and strapping (check out his muscled topless body when he took care of a drunk Yoo Shin), with a very handsome mug. Chan Woo is a skillful doctor (in real life Go Joo Won apparently is a mass com graduate and plays musical instruments) who is kind, gentlemanly and considerate. Seriously, I think Chan Woo is perfect. Even when he wears a stunned expression (see below), he’s hot!!



Yoo Shin and him make a beautiful couple (Kudos to the pretty Yoo In-Na for  making her stubborn, rather foul-tempered character likeable and vulnerable) and the chemistry is sizzling. This pair is funny, adorable, sweet, and actually has sexual tension, rare in k-pairings.

From Episode 7: first kiss planted by a drunken Yoo Shin on a stunned Chan Woo who has always nursed a crush on his childhood playmate (Credits:

From Episode 7: first kiss planted by a drunken Yoo Shin on a stunned Chan Woo who has always nursed a crush on his childhood playmate (Credits:

From episode 12: Chan Woo swoops down for a sudden kiss, and adds: "If you hate me, you can stop me. I will not do it" AWWW (Credits: Facebook)

From episode 12: Chan Woo swoops down for a sudden kiss, and adds: “If you hate me, you can stop me. I will not do it” AWWW (Credits: Facebook)

Every episode has cute moments between the pair (two kisses in 14 eps!). There are also the “love rivals” (the many women who swoon over Chan Woo and the many men who want to date Yoo Shin) and they add to the joy of watching them.

I look forward to seeing how Chan Woo penetrates through Yoo Shin’s nonchalance/fear of a relationship (she keeps repeating how she wants to assume the role of a son after her father’s death), and how Yoo Shin will realise she cannot resist Chan Woo no matter how hard she tries.

2) IU who plays the hapless, oft-overshadowed-by-her-sisters plain Jane Lee Soon Shin. IU is a surprise- i am unfamiliar with her, and I only know she is a very young pop singer. But this girl can act very well. She is not stunning, but she is really cute. She can be funny, and when she cries, she melts my heart. Such a pleasure to have a pop idol who can act and emote beautifully headlining a family drama.

3) The three Lee sisters and their strong chemistry with their leading men

The three Lee sisters (from left: Yoo In Na as Yoo Shin, IU as Soon Shin and Son Tae Young as eldest sister Hye Shin)

The three Lee sisters (from left: Yoo In Na as Yoo Shin, IU as Soon Shin and Son Tae Young as eldest sister Hye Shin)

Hye Shin is exquisite and elegant (Kwong Sang Woo’s real life wife!)- her relationship with this baker/ex-convict has not been really developed but the man who plays the baker, Jung Woo as Seo Jin Wook, is hilarious. Not the most handsome man out there, but certainly tanned, fit and masculine. Anticipating more from this pair!

IU also has great chemistry with Shin Joon Ho (played by Jo Jung Suk whom I really liked in the yawn fest King2Hearts). Shin Joon Ho with his whole i-m-the-best-but-deep-down-i-have-been-hurt character couldn’t be more different from the quiet, loyal body guard Jo Jung Suk played in King2Hearts, and he nails his new role. Despite the fact that IU is probably a good 10 years younger than Jo Jung Suk, the pair has a fun, effortless vibe about them. The whole grooming-IU-int0-star concept (Shin Jun Ho is the CEO of a mega talent company) is watchable too:).

4) The overall cast

The supporting cast (the parents/grandmother of the Lee sisters, parents of Shin Jun Ho, Chan Woo’s family, and the random people who pop up regularly) are anchors of the film. They all portrayed their roles convincingly and make each character very realistic.

Special mention goes to Lee Mi Sook as superstar Song Mi Ryung and her protege Yeon-A played by Kim Yoon Seo.

Lovely and so trim at age 53

Lovely and so trim at age 53

Kim Yoon Seo playing a succcessful actress who has acknowledged Mi Ryung as her godmother/the first love of Jun Ho

Kim Yoon Seo playing a succcessful actress who has acknowledged Mi Ryung as her godmother/the first love of Jun Ho

The weakest link is Jun Ho’s very pampered and irritating younger sister Yi Jung (Bae Geu Rin). Her character is irritating, and Bae Geu Rin’s over-exaggerated acting makes it even worse. But oh well, she adds to the Yoo Shin-Chan W00 pairing (she has a huge crush on Chan Woo and awakened Yoo Shin’s jealousy).

And last but not least, the pacing is perfect. All the goodness of a family drama, without the melodrama. There is extensive character development, as well as a refreshing and entertaining plot. Plenty of things happen in each episode and there is never (so far) a boring moment. You will find yourself enthralled, moved and amused by this this drama.


Ending off with a nice group photo of this must-watch! 🙂 For more info/updates/pix, there are FB pages- here and here.

Happy Watching!!! 🙂

What I’m watching right now

When I was writing for a living, i found writing on the blog tedious. Now I am no longer doing so, blog-writing seems rather therapeutic!:)

Clicked on my stats today, and i am a little taken aback. Thanks to all my blog posts on entertainment, i seem to have a surprisingly steady stream of daily readers (and one very free person who chalked up 432 views May 2012. Either I write very well (thanks!), he/she is very bored (hope my blog entertained you) or he/she is a stalker (highly unlikely lah) haha..

Just a quick post today- currently i am watchng TVB drama Inbound Troubles (me and B have each rented a TVB serial so that we can brush up our Canto before our HK trip) and Korean drama You are the Best Lee Soon Shin.

Am enjoying both dramas very much and i hope to find time to blog about these in greater depth. Meanwhile, if any one is bored and looking for good quality HK/Korean drama, please please go for these two.

Have a great Saturday people!

Life, 31 years and 11 months

Today is a peaceful Saturday- i slept in after supper with H last night. Haven’t seen him in almost 6 months and yet, hanging out was surprisingly comfortable. Guess that’s what happens when a person has been a huge part of your life for the longest time.

It’s rainy, the house is quiet (mum’s napping so my ears are spared from yet another round of nagging), i am full after a meal,  laundry done and i’m happily sipping Gong Cha, while waiting for the bf, henceforth known as B, to come online.

I rarely blog but I’m bored right now. It’s nice to write in anonymity, and then look back years later at the entries and marvel at how things have changed or how I have grown.

And in case any young naive person happens to read this post, it is true: time does heal and make things clearer. If you follow your heart, most of the time, things turn out good:).

Dear me in xx years from now,

At this point in my life, i would say that i am very satisfied. A wee bit bored, a wee bit afraid, but mostly satisfied and happy.

On the physical front, I am grateful for good health and youthful genes. I am almost 32, and people still think i am an intern.

Just a while ago, I was having dinner with a former colleague when I was picked up. God knows how long i haven’t been picked up. The man (who looks 27, max) approached me, told me his friend (who looks 27, max) was interested to “know me”. Not cool but still an ego booster:p The last time I was picked up outside of a club, in clear light, I was on the very right side of 30.

My clubbing days are over. 2 years ago, when I was still clubbing with my colleagues often, i had wondered aloud why people stop. While I have never been a hard-core party-goer – once a month at most – i enjoyed dancing and drinking.

But  I can’t club anymore. After a one-year break, i partied with my best friends from secondary school in January. It was a riot and we had lots of fun, except that I came down with flu the very next day, and recovered fully only after two weeks. I have the answer now to my own question- you simply get too old/lazy/weak. Though I still won’t say no to clubbing if i’m asked a year later! Haha…

Work-wise, I am in a new role in an industry completely foreign to me. I am not a high-flyer but i am very, very thankful that I have always had the courage (and the means) to go out of my comfort zone.

My first job of 3 years and 2 months (?) taught me so much about respecting and embracing differences. The reasonably high pay gave me savings, my driving license and plenty of opportunities to live it up. I loved my kiddos. To this day, I still keep in touch with many of them.

My second ill-fated stint with a local PR agency lasted all of six months, thanks to the most unlikeable pair of bosses I have ever encountered. One good thing came out of it: I got to know a bunch of eye-candies who are now close friends. We still meet up regularly.

I loved the three years I spent meeting deadlines. I met so many people whom I would never have met or spoken with otherwise, got to know so many young friends of the same wave length, worked under some of the best and most inspiring bosses, had so much fun, and pretty much tire myself out with the steep learning curve and sky-high job demands. I pretty much think this is a must-try for anyone below 30 (you need lots of energy, curiousity and stamina-things which rapidly deplete after 30 haha).

My next one month doing the same old, now in entertainment as opposed to the serious stuff, was too short to be significant but I did get to see Super Junior and SNSD up close and personal. I am not a K-Pop fan though. I also learnt that frivolous things you enjoy during your leisure time become an absolute chore when it morphs into your job. I mean, I really don’t care what Wang Lee Hom is doing.

I am more than a year into my new role now, on the other side of the fence. I am relishing the stability, the fixed hours, the supportive work environment and the discovery of a completely corporate world.

This also marks the first job where I actually sit more than 70 percent of the time. Drives me nuts cos’ i am restless. Making me fat too (oh, how my metabolism has slowed. I used to be able to eat a lot before I get a tummy. Now my tummy is flat only in the morning. -_-“).

I have loved, lost and gained, gotten hurt and hurt others but I am none the worse for wear. I still am a hopeless romantic, I still believe in love. H will always be one of my closest friends and no words can describe how grateful I am that we are still in touch. While I no longer love him in a romantic sense, i still do love him and wish nothing but the best for him.

B: there are challenges, there are times when we want to strangle each other, but I love him:) Don’t want to say too much cos’ I could jinx things but buddy, I’m so grateful that you are in my life.

I had a checklist of things to do and achieve. Running marathons, climbing Mt Ophir and Kinabalu, travelling, going for yoga, sky-diving, diving, buying a house (ended up buying, selling and buying again), living on my own (a good two years), renting a place (oh yes I did), doing a solo trip (I went to Phuket) blah blah blah blah blah. I have completed every single item and that explains the slight boredom.

Going forward, I want to spend time firming up my new checklist (already have some ideas in mind, which will hopefully be achieved by the time the older me – i.e. you – read this again). Life is really all about little milestones and the celebrations, however small, that go along with completing them.

Last but not least, i do feel a little scared. When you are young, you feel immortal. I now worry whether I have enough insurance and savings, if I will be old with filial kids (or old and lonely; old with kids who steal my money; old and sickly, you get the drift).

When you read this post, no matter how life might have turned out for you, I hope you will remember how you felt at this point in time. Happy, blessed, trying to find new goals, and feeling a wee bit of trepedation mixed with a big dose of hope and optimism.


Me, 31 years and 11 months.

PS: Hope you don’t have too many wrinkles. Hope you have a happy family, good friends, and are surrounded by love. Hope you are hale, healthy, and more importantly, contented, happy and fortunate=)).

20 things to be grateful for this Christmas :)

1) Christmas started early. Despite being ill, I dragged myself to my company’s X’mas lunch held at The Capella. Food was mediocre but work ended early at noon, I really liked the tranquil view outside the window and the festive atmosphere certainly was infectious.

2) I survived the mrt ride home with a drippy nose, managed to rest, and by night, was well enough to do my laundry and housechores for the year.

3) Thanks to the medication, I concussed and fell into a deep sleep until 1.40pm on Saturday- days like these get rarer as you grow older and busier.

4) The pedi/mani session went very smoothly- service was quick, the air-con wasn’t too strong so my nose didn’t get worse, and I chose the right colours- i.e. the colour on the palette looked the same as what eventually went on my nails.

5) Despite being under the weather, I managed to get a X’mas gift for the bf :). Was also non the worse for wear after surviving the X’mas last-minute shopping crowd.

6) And thanks to my mum, I could lie on the sofa and rest while I erms supervise the wrapping of all the presents- for colleagues, family and the bf. Haha!

7) Thanks to medication, I slept until after-noon once more and woke up feeling refreshed and much, much better, just in time for X’mas activities!

8) The bf came and ate bee hoon cooked by my mum- she has off-on days when it comes to her cooking and this time round, the bee hoon was definitely not too bad at all! It was a first for the bf :p.

9) We watched the finale of Homeland II. I wasn’t too impressed. Still think the first season is far superior. Still, we finished it.

10) We went to his mentor’s place for our first X’mas feast of the year. It was my first time meeting such a big group of his friends too. Food was delightful, wine was awesome (even though I can’t really drink since I haven’t fully recovered) and the company pleasant.

11) Discovered a new cafe (pretty far-flung location, surprisingly crowded but the food is quite yummy) with M. Also been a long time since we had a girls’ lunch outing- great chat and she passed me the very mouth-watering tarts I had asked her to buy on her holidays.

12) I got a seat on the mrt train while travelling to my aunt’s place for X’mas eve dinner.

13) Home-cooked food and drink, plenty of chatter for the annual family X’mas dinner and everyone looked well and happy.

14) Met the bf for a mid-night show. Was ages since I had gone for one but I felt very alert. Movie- Les Mis- was much, much, much better than my expectations. I cried so much and I love Anne Hathaway. What a luminous screen presence, what a soulful voice and what a perfect Fantine.

15) We exchanged gifts on X’mas Day. The bf liked my gift 🙂

16) I got a perfect gift from him :))

17) Also discovered that my aunt gave me an angbao worth 3 cab fares hee- a lot for my age.

18) The bf and I spent more quality time together

19) We had salted yolk crabs, chicken and man tou for dinner to end off Christmas. His treat.

20) He sent me home and I washed up by 1015pm comfortably. Have a couple of hours to just chill and watch my DVDs peacefully before the work week starts=)

Merry X’mas 2012!

Hello Stranger

It has been a year since I last blogged.

Time flies so fast that it is scary sometimes.

Lots of things have happened in 2011- like the year before, it was, for the lack of a better description, an experience.

For better or for worse, I have grown.

I sold my home, and bought a new studio apartment.

I started renting a place to live on my own (my new place will hopefully be ready very soon)

I quit my job, a job that I have been passionate about for 3 years (simply because management changed and i really don’t want to work under a collective bunch of bimbos and manipulative bitches), joined another company for a month and quit because I realised entertainment wasn’t quite my interest.

Many years on after Mount Ophir, I completed Mt Kinabalu with a bunch of friends I have known more than half my life.

A few years on after my first half-marathon, I did my second. Slower timing, but I completed it=). I also did it for the first time with someone different.

I went on my first two work-trips ever: 2 weeks in London (woo hoo!) and a day in…Batam haha.

Also had two short but relaxing getaways in Hong Kong and Bali.

My father passed away.

2012 has so far, in comparison to two preceding years, been stable.

I found a job which I like reasonably, with people who are reasonably nice, which is a fantastic location, and which offers a reasonable pay and benefits package. At age 20, when I was in debt thanks to study loans, I chose to embark on a job which provides me with a high starting pay (didn’t regret it- I enjoyed my 3+ years immensely, paid up all my loans and saved enough). At age 27, I decided to pursue my interest- in a job which is so tough, I think nothing really fazes anymore.Contrary to expectations that I would not last a year, I did, and then some more:). Now..turning 31, I have found a job which I think I can retire in. *Cross fingers that there will be no terrible changes to management etc.

Emotionally, I feel at-peace.

Here’s to 2012 and I hope I blog more often.